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Conversations with Kids

Monday, June 14th 2021

By Dr. Tracey James, Pediatric Chiropractor, Anatomy Power Wellness

Childhood communication, when you read this concept do you think about the way children communicate beyond the words, sentences and stories that they speak, read or write? Kids also learn nonverbal communication skills like body language, facial expressions and touch when connecting with their families, peer groups and their greater communities and circles in which they connect. They learn, explore and develop communication strategies, verbal and non verbal when they are engaged in active dialogue.

The opportunity to dialogue with children especially in a peak window between the ages four to six years old fosters, improves and develops brain development as well as communication skills according to a collective group of researchers from MIT, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. Dialogue, or “back and forth talk” activates Broca’s area a region of the brain responsible for speech development and language comprehension and even understanding and communicating gestures. John Gabrieli a senior author of the study shared with MIT News, “Family conversation at home is associated with brain development in children. It’s almost magical how parental conversation appears to influence the biological growth of the brain.”

Conversational turn taking helps children to build stronger communication skills to support them in having more successful lives which looks like healthier relationships, overall satisfaction in life and higher self esteem. When we are supporting kids in having a better brain body connection through chiropractic care they often have a lot to say in our “back and forth talk” about their bodies, their experiences in the world and all that they hope to be and achieve. We love connecting with all the kids that come into our office and supporting them in reaching their full potential.

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