Meditate to Self Regulate

Monday, May 31st 2021

Meditate to Self Regulate
By Dr. Tracey James, DC, Anatomy Power Wellness

It’s no surprise to us all that the world has changed. That life as we once knew it - is different. There is a lot of fear and despair in the air but there is also a lot of good. Family dinners have made a comeback, neighborhoods are seeing a surge in support and connection as we all do our part to make this time a time of healing and growth for our planet.
But what if the fear of the unknown has you stuck in your tracks and you can’t seem to break the cycle? We have one very effective strategy that can help you – Meditation. Mediation can support you in self regulation.
Meditation may reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and help you gain a sense of clarity and focus. It’s understandable that practicing meditation when stressed can be difficult but if you can commit to ‘doing rather than perfecting’ a few minutes a day you will notice a difference. Psychology Today estimates that in just 11 hours of accumulative meditation your brain changes. That’s powerful!
When starting out, guided meditations work the best and are best done in the morning or before bed. Start between 3 to 5 minutes and gradually increase to 10 minutes a session.
Some great resources to check out:
Mobile Apps: Insight Timer, Headspace, Calm + Muse (While Muse isn’t free, it is an office favorite because of the biofeedback with EEG that gives signals in the form of sounds to the person meditating supporting them in finding their focused calm)
YouTube Channel: OmShaanti, The Mindful Movement, or any quick search for “5-minute guided meditation” or Yoga Nidra
You can also search by categories with either the apps or YouTube for specific meditations that fit what you are going through at the time. Things like health, healing, anxiety, loss, relationship problems, etc. There is a vast free offering out there.
Take it for a spin. Your brain and body will thank you!
Remember – it’s okay to get lost in thoughts while meditating. Don’t beat yourself up and give up because of it. Even the masters of meditation have their analytical brain take over. It’s about recognizing the thoughts as they come up and letting them go. If you picture each thought as a balloon let it float away and continue through the recording. You got this! We believe in you!

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