Summertime Hydration

Monday, May 24th 2021

Summertime Hydration
By Dr. Tracey James, DC, Anatomy Power Wellness

Summertime, a time for leisure and connection coupled with the great outdoors and vacationing. This summer may look and feel a lot different to many of us because of Covid-19. However, many more people have developed a strong relationship with playing, being and or exercising outdoors. Its no secret that the temperatures soar in the East Bay and you’ll hear someone say, “Its hot outside, you need to drink more water.” What if they said you need to eat more water instead? Would that make you laugh? Eating your water via plants sources makes water more easily bioavailable and released more gradually into the body. The water in our cells is like no ordinary glass of water in fact its a crystalline state that we call the gel state.

The fourth state of water is the gel state. Water exists in four phases. Reading these sentences may cause for pause, because most of us were only taught about three phases of water in schools. While it may be a momentary paradigm shift, it is true: Water does exists in four phases. Gel water exists in all living cells. This fourth phase of water as a gel or structured state is foundational for our health. Intracellular water is water in its structured gel water state and its is in this form that minerals are distributed inside and outside of the cells in addition to our own body’s “voltage charge,” which is cornerstone for life itself.

Water is obtained by the body through consuming food and water and processes of metabolism. ATP the source of energy in our body plays the role of heat in gel creation. ATP unfolds the ends of intracellular proteins facilitating the process of the creation of intracellular gels. ATP is essential to hold the structure and without it structure weakens and deteriorates. Our cells depend on structure and everything being charged. Structured water is fundamental to the function of every cell, from cell division, muscle contractions as well as its communication path of nerves conducting. Water in its liquid state has a low osmolality (the measure of concentration of particles especially that of glucose and sodium) and does not effectively get through the small intestines where over ninety percent of water absorption occurs. So how does one optimize their cellular water health and best maintain hydration especially in hot weather?

We can increase the ability for our cells to structure our water and maintain optimal hydration through the consumption of more gel waters. Gel water food options are bone broth, chia seeds, basil seeds, aloe, cucumber, melons and greens. When you put chia seeds or basil seeds in water you will notice they puff up and can see the gel layer that forms around them. In essence, eat your water. Adding gel water to your plain water coupled with exercise enhances the human body’s ability to stay hydrated. Twists with stretching or yoga help transport water throughout our fascia. And never underestimate the power of positive thoughts and emotions. Emotions like love, joy and hope sustain our voltage charge while stress breaks it down. Enjoy the summer sharing smiles, gel waters and exercise.

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