Well Adjusted

Tuesday, July 26th 2022

By Dr. Tracey James, DC, Anatomy Power Wellness

You deserve to live an extraordinary life. It all begins with a healthy brain and body.

As humans we live dynamic lives full of wonder, joy, possibil-ity as well as obstacles and challenges. In a human lifetime there can be great moments of ease and also chaos. One of the greatest secrets of chiropractic is that adjustments are de-livered to optimize and sustain life rather than to treat or fix.

Those who are well adjusted are the most resilient and adapt-able. Chiropractic Research with Heart Rate Variability shows that those who are well adjusted have greater heart rate varia-bility and thereby greater adaptability in their lives. The chi-ropractic adjustments helps the body to unwind tension, un-locking cellular memory in order to integrate unresolved and stored tension. Postural stress and tension can be re-integrated as energy for life sustaining foundations; a heart beating more efficiently, lungs breathing more proficiently or a mind think-ing and processing with greater clarity.

During the chiropractic adjustment as we stretch, breathe, and unwind tension our circulation increases, synaptic changes occur and the underlying energy flows. When we improve our body’s awareness aka proprioception this is an update for your cerebellum, vestibular system, parietal and frontal lobes of your brain.

Chiropractic is sacred and reverent to Life. A well adjusted human is not one whose journey is void of challenges, it is one that is better prepared to handle, integrate and move through them. Chiropractic honors the power and purpose of the innate wisdom of the body—it is a state of being pre-sent with the body and speaking to the body and discovering exactly what it needs. The adjustment is the removal of inter-ferences, supporting the body in its awareness and gathering of stray energies to allow the Body to reveal and heal. The ad-justment is an incredible tool in supporting the way the mind body is operating, breathing, moving and expressing itself. Chiropractic can support the body in moving though a variety of stresses that may present in life such as recovering injury, increased range of motion, preparing or healing from birth, healing pain and discomfort, recovering from trauma, ready-ing the body for a marathon, working though overwhelm, fa-tigue or life’s many daily stressors. Chiropractic might just be the very thing you are looking for to support your body.

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