Pregnancy, Preconception & Postpartum

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Experience Your Best Birth with Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

From preconception through postpartum recovery, your chances of having a comfortable, complication-free pregnancy are highest when your neuro-spinal system is clear and connected. Chiropractic adjustments delivered by a Webster Technique certified specialist provide your baby with an optimal environment in which to grow, increasing the chances of your baby's proper positioning in utero and, in turn, a natural birth. Prenatal chiropractic care also plays a key role in helping your body adapt to the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments result in an array of benefits that include fewer pregnancy aches and pains, a stronger bond with your baby, easier labor, and faster postpartum recovery.

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Preconception Chiropractic Care

The Benefits

Prepare your body for pregnancy through preconception chiropractic care that provides essential benefits:

Improved Fertility: Our body's central nervous and endocrine systems are intricately connected by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. "Getting adjusted" takes the stress off of your HPA access and the greater nervous system, and helps improve your fertility. Proper physical alignment allows for optimal nerve flow from your brain, through your spine, to your reproductive organs.

Increased Functionality: Preconception chiropractic adjustments align your spine and pelvis, preparing the body to function at its best during pregnancy.

Greater Adaptability to Stress: Pregnancy and childbirth will put a lot of stress on your body. Preconception chiropractic care makes your body more adaptable to physical and emotional stress and better at self-healing, improving your chances of experiencing your best pregnancy and birth.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

The Benefits

As a Webster Technique certified Chiropractor, Dr. Trace only uses safe, specialized techniques to promote proper nervous system function. She uses her expertise to minimize undesirable pregnancy symptoms and to create the best possible environment for your baby's development. Dr. Trace addresses pregnancy concerns such as diastasis, prolapse, and breech or transverse baby presentation and equips your body to experience your best birth. As a doula and a chiropractor, Dr. Trace can be present during delivery to support you and, if you request, provide you with chiropractic adjustments to facilitate your best birth. Take advantage of the full range of benefits introduced through chiropractic care during pregnancy:

Creates and Optimal Prenatal Environment: Expert Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy diminish stress on your nervous system, promoting proper nervous system functioning, and creating a favorable environment for your baby's growth and development.

Less Pain: Proper alignment of your spine and pelvis helps alleviate pressure on your nerves and keeps you more comfortable during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Increased Confidence: Knowing that your body has been properly adjusted by Dr. Trace during pregnancy and that you are well-prepared for labor empowers you and gives you more confidence in your body's ability to birth and heal.

Stronger Bonding: Being in touch with the impact your central nervous system has on your pregnancy and activates your brain-body connection and helps you begin forming strong lifelong bonds with your unborn baby.

Faster, Easier Labor with Fewer Interventions: When Dr. Trace utilizes the Webster technique to assess and align your pelvic: sacrum and illium (SI joints), she adjusts the subluxation, reducing the tension in the surrounding ligaments and muscles. This alignment restores your body's neuro-biomechanical connection, giving your baby more room and making it easier for them to get into an ideal birthing position. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy and labor also increase your chances of having a natural, uncomplicated birth by providing your baby with fewer obstacles during delivery and giving you better pelvic floor muscle control.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care

The Benefits

Postpartum chiropractic care is an essential service that provides parents of newborns with a variety of key benefits:

Faster Healing: Ensuring your spine and pelvis are in alignment after childbirth reduces the tension on your ligaments and promotes faster postpartum healing. If you didn't receive prenatal chiropractic care and have untreated postpartum prolapse or diastasis, Dr. Trace has the expertise to encourage restorative healing of these conditions.

Ongoing Wellness: Dr. Trace always visits with her new moms and babies within the first week postpartum to provide lactation support, eliminate tension in the baby's nervous system, and promote your healing process by ensuring your body is in alignment. If Dr. Trace is present during your home or hospital delivery, she will examine you and your new baby and adjust misalignments or nerve interferences in your nervous systems right away, putting both of you on the path to your best recovery.

Reduced Stress: Keeping your neuromuscular system aligned through postpartum chiropractic care makes your body better able to adapt to physical and emotional stress caused by lack of sleep and the strain of carrying your newborn.

Smoother Family Transition: The first 40 days after birth, or "The Golden Month," is a pivotal time for your family as your life together begins to take form. Dr. Trace's holistic approach to chiropractic wellness takes into account the changing dynamics of your family's life and offers you a connection to helpful resources. She provides postpartum home visits so you can remain at home with your newborn as she cares for your family as a whole and monitors your newborn's developmental milestones.

Thrive with the Power of You!

How Can Anatomy Power Help You Have Your Best Birth?

As a doula and pregnancy chiropractor who has supported natural childbirth at thousands of deliveries, Dr. Trace genuinely wants to help you experience your best birth and to feel amazing doing so.

Expert Pregnancy Care

Dr. Trace has supported women's pregnancy journeys for over ten years, and will empower you by educating you about what's happening in your body, providing you with helpful resources, and supporting you with compassion throughout your pregnancy. As a chiropractor specializing in prenatal care certified in Webster Technique and as a doula who has attended over hundreds of births, she'll collaborate with your birth team, including your birth partner and your OBGYN, to advocate for whatever childbirth path you choose. Dr. Trace will even teach your birth partner helpful positions, strategies, and massage techniques for labor and, by request, provide you with chiropractic adjustments during your labor experience. Throughout your pregnancy journey, Dr. Trace will use her expertise to help you feel in control of your body.

Holistic Care

Dr. Trace's holistic approach to prenatal chiropractic care will help you have your best birth experience, from preconception through postpartum recovery. She is eager to support you on your pregnancy journey, and to help you achieve a smooth transition as you welcome your newborn.

A Supportive Community

As a practice member at Anatomy Power, you'll enjoy a well-connected community with social and physical environments that support you on your pregnancy journey.

Create Your Legacy of Wellness

Join Dr. Trace's supportive community of Contra Costa County practice members from towns like Alamo, Castro Valley, Diablo, Blackhawk, Danville, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek, California who are thriving with the help of expert pediatric, pregnancy and whole family chiropractic care. Dr. Trace has an outstanding reputation for helping her practice members create a legacy of wellness by strengthening their connections to their mind, body and soul.

Get started on your path to empowerment by calling 925-457-0210 or emailing Dr. Trace and the Anatomy Power team to request a consultation appointment.

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