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Expert Chiropractic Evaluation and Care

With over a decade of experience as a women's health advocate supporting families during their fertility and birth journeys, Dr. Tracey James DC recognizes that hands-on care is essential in reducing stress and facilitating the optimal performance of body systems. As an experienced chiropractor specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care, Dr. Trace has seen first-hand the ways stress compromises the adaptability of your nervous system, leading to sub-optimal physical performance as well as physical and emotional pain. Per her "Test, Don't Guess" philosophy, Dr. Trace uses state-of-the-art INSiGHT™ technology to identify vertebral and spinal nerve interferences. Based on the exam and test results, Dr. Trace develops non-invasive, drug-free, personalized care plans that optimize her practice members' mind-body connections. Getting started with Anatomy Power Wellness on the path to a well-adjusted nervous system is easy:

  • Consultation: At your first visit, our doctors will conduct both a physical examination and a pain-free, non-invasive neurological scan using INSiGHTT™ technology to reveal areas of vertebral and spinal nerve misalignment or nerve interference, known as subluxations. The INSiGHTT™ scan also measures to what degree the subluxations are causing your nervous system to be inefficient in adapting to stress. The less adaptable to stress your nervous system is, the less your body systems are able to function efficiently. Understanding the state in which your nervous system is currently operating empowers our doctor team to support your best fertility, pregnancy and childbirth journey by making specific adjustments that align your spine and pelvis.
  • Care Plan Review: Based on the results of your physical and neurological exam, Dr. Trace will develop an individualized care plan for you. She will review your care plan with you, including how frequently you should schedule your chiropractic adjustments and her recommendations for any other services that will help support your journey.
  • Chiropractic Care and Re-Evaluation: At each visit, we will evaluate your progress using physical and neurological exams, and we will make adjustments to your care plan as needed.
Our Purpose

To empower families to experience more health and wellness in their lives through optimally functioning nervous systems.

Our Mission

To shape the future as a community resource by empowering individuals and families to create, connect and celebrate in their legacies of wellness.

Our Vision

A well-connected community with social and physical environments that promote and attain an excellent quality of life, healthy development and behaviors across all of life's phases, ages and rites of passage.

Experience the Benefits of Whole-Health Chiropractic Care

How Can Anatomy Power Help You and Your Family?

Dr. Trace's practice members enjoy the many benefits of prenatal, pediatric and whole-family chiropractic care at Anatomy Power Wellness Studio:

Excellent Preparation for Natural Childbirth

Increase your chance of having a natural childbirth by improving your pelvic floor muscle control. Webster Technique prenatal care optimizes the normal physiologic function and neuro-biomechanics of the pelvis by providing facilitated stabilization of the ligaments that loosen during pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care can also address pelvic and pubic bone pain and discomfort caused by round ligament tightness.

Improved Postpartum Healing

Experience the restorative healing powers of postpartum chiropractic care that helps your pelvic alignment, pelvic floor and ligaments return to ease and strength. Reduce stress on your body caused by sleepless nights and the physical strain of carrying your infant or older children.

Best Start for Your Baby

Give your newborn an ideal start with gentle chiropractic adjustments that will reduce tension in their nervous system created by the birthing process. These adjustments can improve their ability to nurse, ease their digestive issues, help them relax and sleep, improve flat head syndrome, and more. Older infants and toddlers can more easily reach developmental milestones when their spines are in alignment, and they will benefit from realignment after all the bumps and falls that occur while they are learning to crawl, walk and run.

Improved Overall Health

Live a legacy of health by improving your digestion, reducing the frequency, duration and intensity of headaches, improving the quality of your sleep, decreasing inflammation in your body, and improving your body's immune function through chiropractic treatment.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Become more mobile, reduce your risk of injury, and decrease aches and pains through hands-on chiropractic care. Our practice members also experience rapid improvement in the healing of sports injuries.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Chiropractic care can improve your body's ability to handle stress by mediating the effects of physical, emotional, chemical and environmental stress on the body. When you are experiencing too much stress, it causes an imbalance in the chemicals produced by your glands. This imbalance can express itself in many ways, including anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Improved Ability to Focus

Correcting subluxations in the spine can support your body in balancing an imbalance in the chemicals produced by your glands, allowing you to experience fewer symptoms of ADD and ADHD and perform better at work or school.